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Making Olive Oil

The process of extracting oil from olives has been a constant since the beginning of recorded history. Through the centuries, only the equipment has undergone significant change. Fruit is harvested then crushed, remaining solids are removed from the liquid produced and finally the oil is separated from the remaining liquid.

As with all fruit, flavor can vary significantly depending upon which point in the season harvest occurs. The harvest season for olives runs from mid-September through October. Olives collected during early harvesting yield oil that is characterized by a more crisp and bitter flavor with a very clear color. As the season progresses, the oil extracted has a more mellow, buttery flavor and color becomes more rich and golden.

Since 2013, Calasa Gulch Farm hosts “Fall Press Days”, where small olive producers can bring their harvest, have it run through our press and leave with fresh and pure olive oil.

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