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Frequently Asked Questions

There is a lot to learn about this versatile fruit tree …

Can olives be grown in pots?

Yes and they do quite well, but require more care than trees planted.  Be sure that the pot is large enough (size/ration?) and that it is kept watered.  A drip line to your tree is the safest way to ensure that it’s getting sufficient water.  To keep any tree in a pot for long requires a really big pot. Olive trees can make fruit while growing in pots, but keep in mind that if your olive tree does not put on new growth, you will have little or no fruit the following year.

How long before I get fruit?

That is a function of cultivar. ‘Arbequina’ and ‘Koroneiki’ fruit at an early age (about 2-3 years). Other cultivars do not make fruit until they are five to twelve years old. Most olive cultivars will not produce fruit without a pollinator tree of a different cultivar. There are also non-fruiting cultivars of olive. Olives grown from seed may never produce fruit, and if they do, will not likely have the same characteristics as the parent tree.

How much fruit can one tree bear?

Dwarf and Semi-dwarf varieties typically bear around 20 pounds of fruit per year at maturity. Larger cultivars such as ‘Mission’ can bear up to 100 pounds of fruit in a season, and the giant ‘Chemlali’ can produce nearly a ton of fruit in one year.

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