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Growing Olives

The origin of the olive tree is lost in time but research shows that it dates back to the twelfth millennium BC.  With the discovery of America, olive farming spread beyond its Mediterranean confines.The first olive trees were carried from Seville to the West Indies and later to the American Continent.

Olive oil has long been considered a staple of society in the ancient world. Olive oil is complex, delicious and critiques as wine.

The olive branch has been a symbol of peace – perhaps because olive trees were an agricultural offering bestowed to the communities after battle. 

Wherever disseminated, olive trees were lauded for their myriad everyday uses. Ancient civilization relied on olive oil for medicinal purposes as well as for cooking and eating. It is a little known face that peroxide is a naturally occurring component of olive oil, and that peroxide is widely used as a topical solution for cuts and scrapes.  According to Hippocrates, the ‘father of medicine’, olive oil could heal many ailments, including mental illness; what Hippocrates charmingly referred to as “the diseases of women”. Olive oil was also used as fuel in lamps and was used by priests to consecrate the dead.

Legend tells us that the olive tree was a gift from Athena who recognized the power of peace. Gray-eyed Athena competed with Poseidon for the affections of the Greeks, and had offered the versatile olive in response to the sea god’s gift of a saltwater well. The olive proved the better gift, offering refuge from the harsh sun, crowning the heads of champions, anointing warriors and athletes with its splendid golden tone.

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