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Maui's Olive Tree Farm

where olive trees grow, and friendships
are nurtured.

Calasa Gulch Olive Tree Farm

Growing Olives in Hawaii

A beautiful, delicious and fragrant fruit is growing in abundance on the slopes of Haleakala on the island of Maui. At Calasa Gulch Olive Tree Farm in Kula, we grow more than 20 varieties of olives originating from Spain, France, Italy and Greece and North Africa. The warm sunny days and cool nights create an ideal growing climate for olives trees.​

Olive Tree Varieties

Calasa Gulch olive trees produce beautiful fruit for making olive oil and for curing olives to complement your next dinner party or garnish your martini. Whether your interest is in ornamental trees or to plant and harvest an entire grove, we have the expertise and the variety to meet your needs.

Olives & Olive Oil

Olives and Olive Oil are the reward for tending and nurturing your olive trees. There’s nothing better than a home-cured olive to eat, to cook with or to sip that fabulous Maui Olive Martini. We offer recipes and advice for curing and pressing olives for oil.

Farm Consultation

Calasa Gulch Olive Tree Farm is here to assist you with all your olive tree needs. We welcome private homeowners, landscape architects and designers and the sustainable farming community to learn more about our beautiful and bountiful olive trees.

First Olive Ever Pressed In The Hawaiian Islands – 2015